Samani Kendra Vyavastha

Jain Vishva Bharati has been providing the overall operational and logistical support to the Saman Shreni since its inception. Goutam Gyanshala which is situated within Jain Vishva Bharati Campus at Ladnun, serves as the the adobe of Samanis throughout the year. The Samanis actively participate and provide their direction in almost all activities of Jain Vishva Bharati.

JVB provides active support in the Passport and Visa preparation and other legal formalities relating to the foreign travel of the Samanis. It also maintains a continuous contact with all Saman-Samanis presently touring India or abroad and ensures proper coordination of related works. It also helps in organizing various seminars and workshops on Preksha Meditation, Science of Living and Jain Studies.

JVB considers it a privilege to have been nominated by the Gurus to shoulder the responsibility of Samani Kendra Vyavastha.