Jain Vishva Bharati is a center of excellence as far as research on Jain Studies is concerned. Acharya Shri Tulsi had envisioned research on Jain Studies and Jain Outlook as one of the primary objectives of JVB.
The Jain Paribhashik Shabdkosh (Jain Definitions Dictionary) was released in July 2009 after much research and contains over 3632 significant words with their meanings in the context of Tatva Mimansa as distinguished from their ordinary meaning. In earlier years, research has included topics like “The Impact of recitation of Navkar Mahamantra in sync with the meditation of the five colors and its impact on the human body and behavior” by Dr. B P Goud and Shri Anshuman Sharma with inspiration from and under the guidance of Muni Shri Kishanlalji.

Research project completed and published by JVB- Critical edition of Bhagwai Bhag-2 and Aavsyak Niryukti has published.

Ongoing project

Agam Awareness program for youth and old age
  •  Know the Agam :

    Aagam’s called as speech of Mahaveera. In these canonical texts the collection of Mahaveera’s Symons has edited in Prakrit language. Most of us cant know about the prakrit language so the project of translation of Aagam has also started and a competition about the awareness also has organized on national level.
    For this Project the “AAVSAYAM” aagam has selected for the separate project of competition.

  •  Agam manthan Competition:

    AAGAM MANTHAN COMPETIOTON is running now and more than 2000 participants are researching and preparing their questionnaires with answer.

Prakrit Studies

  •  Bhagwai (viahapannati) Volume 5 to 7
  •  Critical editions of Nisith Bhasya,Panchkalp Bhasya,Padanukrama