Team Jain Vishva Bharati is world’s biggest Jainism literature publication and research organisation in addition to have published thousands of books, e-books, audio books, kindles, comics and many other formats to promote humanity, ethical values and happy living practises. We proactively encourage global community laureates to participate in our various publication and research activities from time to time.

We have utilised technology and internet as wonderful means of expanding and showcasing our horizons and avenues and reaching global communities to mark significant contribution and co-conducted activities to spread divine message of humanity and happy and spiritual living. Today our literature is largely available in Jain Aagam languages, Hindi, English, Russian, Marathi, Tamil, Oriya, Telgu, Bengali, Aasmiya, Rajasthani, Gujrati and many other publications are in process.

JVB literature at a glance (as on 01/05/2018)
Sr.No Particulars Count
1. Jain Aagam Language literature 65
2. Hindi Literature 545
3. English Literature 85
4. Gujrati 39
5. Rajasthani 6
6. Aasmiya 5
7. Oriya 4
8. Bengali 4
9. Tamil 3
10. Telagu 3
11. Russian 3
Contribute to JVB:
  • Publishing subject specific books in Jainism – Any Jain community Saint/ Monks/ Samani/ Saman willing to publish such subjective literature may reach us on books@jvbharati.org along with brief details on the proposed publishing and desired JVB assistance – JVB may offer A-Z assistance right from publishing till marketing and distribution of such published books (subjected to final acceptance on your proposal)
  • Jain community Historic milestones/ related reference books – We welcome authors/ organisations working on Jainism history and various milestones to jointly publish subject specific books/ literature/ research works – please share your subject reference in brief on books@jvbharati.org for further communication
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)/ Social Organisations/ individuals willing to spread message of humanity, happy and spiritual life and/ or for social cause by means of donating for full book publishing – do share your intent on director@jvbharati.org for immediate revert and communication
  • Already published Jainism/ Aagam related books and wish to promote further – Other Jain community Organisations/ individuals/ Saints/ Monks having published their books/ literature on Jainism/ Aagam/ subject research - Team JVB welcome you to assist in getting best of infrastructural/ network benefits in faster promotion of your books – do share brief write up on your work along with proposed assistance from JVB
  • Language specific Authors/ Experts – We are closely working to publish our popular literature in various regional/ country specific languages – please share your profile with relevant experience details on books@jvbharati.org with subject mention
Conserve with JVB:
  • Having published and well selling some literature(s) isn’t last step to be embarked in renown authors categories – one need to be able to efficiently manage versions/ history and archive of such books/ literature along with its storage in soft-copy formats for future predictive usage – Team JVB is glad to pioneer this perspective as well – we have specialised in archive/ storage and retrieval of such publications/ books by means of latest technology tools
  • Full-fledged Museum to share our wisdom of knowledge with community – we invite authors to join hands with us in conserving such literature/ publication and globally centralised sharing of such Jain literature
  • Technical assistance in publication – JVB offers A-Z assistance to authors in phase of writing/ finishing off their literature/ books work. This includes subject specific technical assistance/ advice from our team of experts including Saints/ Monks/ Samani/ Saman to arrive at best of experience in terms of quality. We also offer technical consultation on evaluating latest means of publishing, digital marketing, physical distribution and books launching

We at Jain Vishva Bharati believe that the more individual reads, greater would be his/ her acceptance and know-how on life, values and spirituality and hence we have generically availed large amount of our published books/ literature in e-book format and have also availed the same for buying online for physical delivery/ free reading on web as well. Do take a moment to navigate through our books section and give you a new start in learning best of life experience.

Completed Publications

14 out of 35 Agams have been completed with Hindi translation,Sanskrit rendering and critical annotations by Acharya Mahapragyaji.

  •  Ayaro
  •  Suyagado
  •  Thanam
  •  Samavao
  •  Bhagwati
  •  Avassayam
  •  Dasavoyaliyam
  •  Uttarjjhayanni
  •  Anuyogadaraim
  •  Nandi
  •  Jeetkalp Sabhasya
  •  Isibhasiyayi
  •  Pindniryukti
  •  Aayovao

Ongoing Publications

The Herculean task of critical editions of all the following 35 main Jain Agams (in prakrit),containing the philosophy and principles, propounded by the omniscient Lord Mahaveeera,along with Indices and Lexicons has been completed under the Synod-chief ness of Acharya Tulsi ,Acharya Mahapragya and chief editorship of Acharya Mahashraman

  •  Nayadhamkahao
  •  Uvasagadasao
  •  Amtagadadsao
  •  Anuttarovavaiyadasao
  •  Panhavagaranaim
  •  Vivagasuyam
  •  Ovaiyam
  •  Raipasenaiyam
  •  Jivajivabhigama
  •  Pannavana
  •  Jambuddivapannatti
  •  Camdapannatti
  •  Surapannatti
  •  Nirayavaliyao
  •  Kappavadimsiyao
  •  Pupphachulyao
  •  Vanhidasao
  •  Dasao
  •  Vavaharo
  •  Nisihajihayana
  •  Bhagwai – 2

Upcoming Publications

There are 7 more publications which are coming soon.

  •  Bhagwai-3
  •  Bhagwai-4
  •  Kappo
  •  Sambodhi
  •  Vyvharo
  •  Bhikshu Aagam Vishay Kosh
  •  Vivangsuya
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