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A nation's standing is not defined by its geographical boundaries but rather by its culture. The eternal values of culture are Sprituality, non-violence, coordination and tolerance. To protect the impairment of these values, it is essential that these core values are devolved and inculcated in the younger generation. Needless to say, a higher value system would always lead to a prosperous, developed and enlightened nation. A very strong medium was required which could strengthen the value system of the society. With this intention, and under the guidance and inspiration from Acharya Shri Tulsi, Saman Sanskriti Sankay was established in the year 1977 in the form of the Education Department (Shiksha Vibhag) of Jain Vishva Bharati. Saman Sanskriti Sankay through its programme of Jain Vidya Examinations serves the objective of taking the priceless and timeless studies of Jain Darshan, Tatva Vidya and Jain Agams to the society.

Jain Vidya Examinations across 16 states in India and Nepal

Examination Centers have been setup at 490 locations across 16 states in India and Nepal out of which 226 are permanent centers. These states are: Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Punjab, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and Assam. Examinations are held at around 250 centers every year. To manage these centers, a system of State wise and District wise coordinators and Center wise organisers have been appointed. The overall conduct of the examination is taken care of by the Saman Sanskriti Sankay Office. Around 6000 candidates have been taking these examinations every year and over a lakh participants have taken advantage of this till now.

This includes not only Jains but also people from other communities, and participants from all age groups including professionals, students, doctors, engineers, teachers and learned academicians. In the world of Education, Jain Studies have been proven as a very useful field of studies. Jain Darshan and Jain Literature are indispensible parts of the restraint-centric Indian Culture. These studies have a very important role in the building of a healthy society. Jain Studies are all-pervasive being principle and value based, and useful to all human beings alike with there focus being on the science of living. It was with this objective that the course material of Saman Sanskriti Sankay was prepared under the direction of Muni Shri Sumermalji Sudarshan, under inspiration from Ganadhipati Shri Tulsi. Currently the Sankay is progressing under the guidance of Munishri Jayantkumarji.

Jain Studies Examination - Course Material

Praveshika (Primer) - 1st Year : Jain Vidya Bhag - 1
Praveshika (Primer) - 2nd Year : Jain vidya Bhag - 2
Visharad (Master) - 1st Year : Jain Vidya Bhag - 3
Visharad (Master) - 2nd Year : Jain Vidya Bhag - 3
Sachitra Shravak - Pratikraman
Ratna (Gem) First Year Entrance Exam : Jain Vidya Bhag - 1, 2
Jain Vidya Bhag - 3, 4
Ratna (Gem) First Year : Jain Tatva Vidya, Khand - 1
Jain Parampara ka Itihaas
Ratna (Gem) Second Year : Jain Tatva Vidya Khand 2 & 3
Jain Dharm : Jeevan aur Jagat
Ratna (Gem) Third Year : Bhikshu Vichaar Darshan
Jeev - Ajeev
Vijna (Englightened) First Year : Sharaman Mahaveer
Atma Ka Darshan
Vijna (Englightened) Second Year : Jain Darshan Manan aur Mimansa - Khand 2 & 3
Jain Darshan Manan aur Mimansa - Khand 4 & 5

Jain Vidya Ratna First Year Entrance Exams

Any body who has attained the age of 21 years and does not want to go through the Praveshika (Primer) and Visharad (Master) phases can opt for the Ratna (Gem) First Year Entrance Examination and score 60% or above thereof to get a direct entry into the 3-year Ratna Level Course.

Vijna Upadhi

Any student who clears the complete 9 year course covering Praveshika, Visharad, Ratna and Vijna Levels is awarded the title of 'Vijna' (विज्ञ).

Jain Vidya Camps and Competitions

To enhance the creativity of the students, Jain Vidya Camps and competitions are organized from time to time with activities like Essay-writing, Quiz contests, Group Singing, Tatva Gyan etc. The meritorious students are awarded. Jain Vidya Prashikshan Shivir is also organized at regular intervals.

Dikshant Samaroh

At the end of the 9-year programme, the students who clear are awarded with the 'Vijn (विज्ञ)' title. The top 3 students in various examinations are recognized by awarding them with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The efforts of the Regional Organisers are also recognized. Similarly the Central Organisers are also awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.

  • Jain Vidya Pariksha Shresthta Avar Chal - Uphaar
    (From Praveshika First Year to Visharad Second Year)
  • Jain Vidya Pariksha Shreshthta Pravar Chal - Uphaar
    (From Ratna First Year to Vijn Second Year)

Jay Tithi Patrak

Since 1979, during Maryada Mahotsav, the annual event of the Jain Swetamber Terapanth sect, a book containing various useful contents for the general public including PANCHANG is published by Jain Vishva Bharati. 'Mantri Muni' Munishri Sumermalji Ladnun takes time out of his busy schedule to edit this publication.

Smarika Publication

If the history of an organization is well-maintained, the coming generations can learn about it. The 33 year history of Saman Sanskriti Sankay has been well captured in "Smarika Saman Sanskriti" which was released in the year 2010 in the presence of Acharya Shri Mahashramanji.


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