Acharya Tulsi International Preksha Meditation Center

The most esteemed “ACHARYA TULSI INTERNATIONAL PREKSHA MEDITATION CENTER”, is spread on a land of 3.94 acres (Approx) in the Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun, and Rajasthan, India. The complex is comprise basically for Preksha Meditation, as the same suggests, supported by teaching & preaching spaces for the same, accommodate of the students with dining facility.

The built form comprise of the main Meditation Hall Block, which forms the “Sanctum” and the major supporting facilities as the Annexe Block. The Meditation hall block is placed almost at the middle toward south, amidst coming greenery and reflective pools. The Annexee Block is placed as a backdrop at the northern part. The blocks are placed axially with a reflective pool separating the two blocks which is physically representative of the process of purifying oneself prior to entering into the higher planes of education & spirituality.

Visit: http://www.preksha.com for more details